Should your organisation Automate the Payroll?


According to the International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Research, (IJMTER) in 2016 titled Automated Payroll System, Payroll is one of the most critical operation for every organisation as it closely tied to employee satisfaction at the workplace. Arguably, an organization needs a payroll to pay employee wages and salaries accurately and on time otherwise employee job satisfaction will be eroded.

Some organisations still opt for manual processing as it is cheap on a financial perspective because you are using existing administrative staff to process the payroll. However, many organisations may not realize the important resource they are losing, which is time, a critical resource which cannot be regained once lost. Payroll processing software completes payroll calculations within a fraction of the time it would take to do them manually.

No matter the need or size of the business, payroll software can cater for virtually all organisational types and remuneration methods they use. Smaller organisations may bring the argument why should they automate when they have a small number of employees in their workforce, however the undeniable truth is even for a small number of employees the task will always require a significant time commitment each and every payroll processing period.

Professional Payroll Management Solutions will help you streamline the whole process of wage/salary processing within one convenient place and lets you focus on more important processes that support business growth. If you haven’t outsourced payroll processing, you’ll find that manual processing is synonymous with a lot of paperwork and Excel calculations. Payroll staff will be absorbed in poring over Excel spreadsheets and too much paperwork that would require additional storage facilities for record keeping. Instead of being absorbed with the hassles of shuffling through endless files let professional payroll software do the work.

Several business organisations have realised the importance of payroll automation are en route to business growth which accrues from the re-allocation of a vital resource, time, to other demanding business operations that support business success. For example, it is now possible to integrate payroll software with your time sheet system which records important employee data such as attendance and time worked. Payroll staff can simply organise all this information in one handy place for easy access and transfer into the payroll system which actually eradicates another layer of manual processing.  

Employee satisfaction, put simply, is how content or satisfied employees are and also describes whether employees are happy and fulfilling their desires and needs at work. Employee remuneration basically attracts an employee to perform their job efficiently and effectively. How does payroll automation come into play? With professional payroll management solution you can avoid employee dissatisfaction that arises due to late payment of wages and salaries which is common issue with manual payroll processing. Employees will be assured of the dates they receive their wages and salaries.   Before we get hung up on the cost of implementing and maintenance of professional payroll management software, imagine the many advantages your organization stands to win by implementing payroll automation today

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