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CorePay Training Ser­vices will as­sist you in gain­ing ex­pert­ise, using a vari­ety of solu­tions that auto­mate manual and time con­sum­ing busi­ness pro­cesses.  Our support consultants will equip you information on how to use the Corepay payroll software product to its full po­ten­tial. This includes Corepay integration with other systems e.g accounting, HR and Time and attendance software.

Payroll Administration courses will also help payroll personnel to get an in depth understanding of what is expected of them in an organization and the relationship of payroll on other departments within a business system, such as human resources and finance.


CorePay Payroll 1st level User Training – In this course we cover:-

1. The installation and registration of the CorePay Payroll software
2. The masterfile
3. Transactional input
4. Payroll Cycle
5. Payroll report and returns
6. Tax Calculation
7. Manual payments

CorePay Advanced User Training – This course includes familiarised with the advanced features of the Corepay Payroll such as :
1. Data Extracts
2. Creation of new payroll codes
3. Report writing
4. Parameter file maintanance
5. Calculation formulas

Payroll Administration and Management Course – This training is aimed at giving you an understanding of basic payroll concepts and legislation affecting the payroll.

Zimbabwe statutory Requirements on payrolls which include:-
3. NEC’s
5. Standards Association

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